Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today as I came careening home from Tar-jay to meet the bus, I saw two fire engines on our sleepy street with lots of hoses out!  Immediately I started to pray that no one's house was on fire.  Then I couldn't believe what was in front of me -- THIS!

Holy freaking cow!  I had to start snapping pictures because it was just too shocking to describe with mere words.  (A picture is worth a thousand words, you know!)

Oh my!  The thing was absolutely torched!

So by now I bet you are wondering where the mailman was.  Here he was -- hanging with the mail.

So as he was delivering mail to that box, the truck backfired and started smoking.  Then he noticed it had caught on fire!  He hopped out rather quickly AND THEN GOT ALL THE MAIL OUT before clearing out in case the dang thing blew up.  Hey, the whole scenario was so bizarre that anything could have happened.  Heck, that truck could have sprouted wings and flown off at that point, it was so surreal.

Our mailman Jim was joking around to the little group that assembled, awestruck by the whole thing.  "Don't try, I'll get your bills to you!"  And he did.  He had the post office send him a new truck, and then he finished his route, still smiling.

Sam and his BFF were appropriately dumbfounded and thought he should get a Medal of Honor.  They vowed that from now on his name is "SUPER MAILMAN!"

So today a new superpower was born on our very street.  Pretty good for an average Tuesday, huh?


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Elle Blair said...

Great post, Libby! Just one more reason to love our AWESOME mailman!