Monday, March 10, 2014

So Who's Ready for Spring?

Oh man, I sure am!  In fact.  I've never wanted winter to be over so badly.  Out, out, brown snow!

We are up to ten snow days now (I think) and a bunch of two-hour delays. Oh, but who's counting?   You could drive yourself insane; learn from my mistake.  I don't think we even had ten days off after the legendary Blizzard of '76 in New England.  But then again, up yonder in the Northeast they actually plow the side streets.  That's quite a concept in Virginia. 

As a kid I remember hearing the melodious scraping sound of the plow clearing ALL the snow off the roads.  So its not that Northeasterners know how to drive in the snow, they don't have drive in snow.  The plows clear the snow away before it gets packed down as ice, black ice, what have you.  
(Exhibit A below.)

So enough of that!  The first day of spring approacheth!  It is coming up on March 20.  Since today is March 10, that means a mere 10 days from now, folks.  (As you can see, I'm quick on my feet with the math problems that life throws at you when your phone is recharging.)

This WILL happen soon. Really!  We must believe.  Maybe it won't be on March 20 exactly, but it's coming.  Nature has a way of taking us down a notch when we try to schedule it to a T.

Yes, its almost time to spring into spring!  BOING!

Let me be the first to wish you ---- 


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