Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I'm hot! Are you hot?  I'm talking HOT here!  It's hard to think or talk about anything else.  (I am including these lake pictures not to taunt you, but to help you think cool thoughts!)  No wonder countries around the Equator have a slower paced lifestyle.  It's way too hot for a power suit!  Heck, it's too hot for even a bathing suit these days!

Yes, here's a big ole heatwave sweeping across the country, and it has definitely hit hard here.  It's 3:30 PM and it is 97 degrees, but it feels like 109.  It sure does all right!  In fact it feels like 115, give or take a degree!

Yesterday, we went to a friend's pool to cool off.   Even when wet, the cement was downright scalding, enough to truly burn your feet.  I had never experienced that pain before!  And then when we went to leave, the steering wheel in the car was way too hot to even touch until a few minutes of air conditioning kicked in.  It's insane.  Even the crayons had succumbed to the heat, melting into Crayola rainbow soup.

And here's another tidbit for you!  Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be EVEN HOTTER!  How is that possible?!  Thankfully Sunday supposed to be only (only?!) 94, but that is before the heat index is added on like the blanket of humidity it is.  It is hard to believe that two weeks ago we were in Colorado wearing fleeces of all things and playing softball with a snowball!  And why did we think it was a good idea to leave?

Instead of being snowed it, we are pretty much "heated in."  It's too hot to move, but at least we don't have to shovel it or bundle up.  Then again we don't have snow angels or hot chocolate either.

Keep cool -- if you can!  In the meantime we all need to keep our cool.  This too shall pass, right?


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