Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Venthog Is Born

Yes, we used to think the Sweathogs were bad!  Now there is a much bigger force to be reckoned with those days in these parts!  Watch out for the nefarious VENTHOG!

What exactly is a "venthog" you ask?  Well, it is, quite simply, one who hogs a vent, such as this culprit below.  Oh, she's parked there these days alrightee.  It's her new 24/7 hang-out area.  I wish I could say she's a genius for parking herself there, but let's face it.  We've been in that house for over ten years, so it has taken her more than a decade to find that prime spot.  She is definitely not a genius.

She is making the most if it, though.  It has also been turned into her "bath-room."


Of course it's also her nap/bed room.

I wonder if we can pay the next heating bill in kitty treats, i.e. hit her where it hurts, dang it.  In the meantime, move on over, you venthog!  We are cold, too!!!


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