Thursday, January 30, 2014

Flannel Gridlock

When the going gets cold, the tough break out the flannel.  In my case I went hard core, pulling out the flannel pajamas AND sheets a la flannel.  With the weather as cold as it has been lately, there cannot be too much flannel around here!  However, after getting all excited to get into bed to be all warm 'n' stuff,  i soon realized that was downright difficult to scoot down.  It was nothing other than the scientific phenomenon known as "Flannel Gridlock."  Two flannels placed together are not moving anywhere.  Yes, it's a First World Problem for sure, but a problem nonetheless.  I'd rather have this problem, though, than that scary 18-hour gridlock in Atlanta this week.

Flannel can be extremely good-looking on a guy.  Just ask him!  He's a flannel kind of guy.

OK, here's another example.

Let's face it, for ladies flannel just doesn't have the same allure, try as we might.

Although I do have to note that one of the Olsen twins pulls the flannel look off nicely in her own Bohemian chic way.  Hats off to you, Mary-Kate or Ashley.  Whichever one you happen to be, you wear flannel quite well.

So here is my remedy for  cases of Flannel Gridlock!  You sorta roll/lift yourself onto the bed right into place, so then there's no need to scoot down.  How 'bout that?  One thing is for sure -- seems like flannel is here to stay for a while.   Don't worry, I won't try and wear a flannel bikini this summer!

Wait, just in!  It's a photo of Katie Holmes shedding the flannel shirt she was wearing over her hot pink bikini!!  She's lucky -- she is somewhere warm!!  Plus, she doesn't have to worry about Flannel Gridlock!


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