Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BIG NEWS for "Libby With a Y!"

Like the Jeffersons, we're moving on up around here -- me, myself and I!  After much consternation and brow-beating, this blog and my other website with various and sundry writing clips have merged!  They are now together as one harmonious unit (I dare to hope) at...

 Please check it out!  

*** If you can't/don't wants to remember the new site address, no worries!  This will be my final entry here.  However, I'm going to leave this site up, so you can always come back here and click on over to the new digs.   All previous archive entries back to 2007 are on the new site.

All this talk of a "final entry" reminds me of this hilarious video below, "Sad Cat Diary."  

We've lost count of how many times we've watched it.  It's worth seeing even if you hate cats.  Perhaps their suffering becomes even more enjoyable that way!  This chubby white cat is mighty upset that his food bowl is only half full.  He is so convinced he is going to starve to death that he laments, "This may be my final entry."

Thanks for reading!  See you at!


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