Friday, April 4, 2014

Is It Really Safe to Put the Scraper Away?

It is downright glorious outside, but is it really safe to put the ice scraper away -- for good?  Or as Sam would say, "for REAL?"  Yesterday as I got into my car, I looked down and noticed two things.  OK, make that three:

1.  Even with open-toed shoes on, my feet were not cold at all, a good thing.

2.  A pedicure is also a good thing (i.e.necessary) when you are teetering on the brink of spring.

 (By the way I only wish these were my purdy feet!)

3.  Lo and behold, there was an ice scraper on the floor of the passenger seat.  Bleck!  Rather incongruous to have one on hand when also talking about open-toes shoes, right?  For some reason I am still reluctant to remove it from said vehicle.  Believe me, it is not out of nostalgia for the wonderful winter of 2014, but fear!  It was fear of needing that scraper in the near future and not having it nearby!!  Are these fears based on reality?  Yes, I dare to say they are since we have not yet gone a fortnight without some ice or snow.  ("Fortnight" is such a cool word, don't you think?  It's right up there with a "month of Sundays" in arcane measures of time.)

Well, the daffodils seem to be out there taking the plunge, springing up everywhere.

The lovely dogwoods have started to bloom as well.

So, I hereby resolve to take the scraper out of the front seat of my car.  I'll move it to the trunk!  Baby
steps, right?  Slowly but surely I vow to have it in the garage by Memorial Day.  Even then it may be at the front of the garage.

By August, I vow it will be packed away.  Baby steps....


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